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Cancer clear

I have been working with Margarita for 6 months now as I go through Chemo.  I have found our sessions have helped me with the anxiety initially around the news, the surgeries, and what I believe is helping fight alongside the chemo.  I have just been given the all clear and I can’t recommend Margarita enough.

T. Holland – Auckland


In 2014 I sufferred a major stroke

My name is Tim. I am 47 years old. In September 2014 I suffered a major stroke that affected my left side to the point of the speech, walking, left arm weakness. A lot of my progress I know was positivity but got me to a point where I seemed to stop improving but nor did I go backwards. In March 2016 I was able to work again, drive etc. I do early in the morning have a limp but only when just woken. Self-confidence was very low and for a long time, I would keep my left hand in my pocket as I felt it was doing its own thing and embarrassed me. May this year one of my colleagues talked to me about autogenics and Margarita Politis. I was very interested and very gratefully introduced to Margarita Politis. To date I have had three sessions and truly know and believe I have found a way to better my progress to returning to full self-confidence, physically improving weaknesses. For the first time, in just three sessions, my arm is back to as it should be, and I can now keep my arm by my side. My message is progress comes from positivity and believing in yourself, I intend on sharing my experience with the Birs ( Brain Injury Rehabilitation services) unit in Burwood Hospital with high recommendations to try this wonderful training with Margarita. UPDATE- I am looking at myself in the mirror and laughing – why- I can smile again. The stroke I had prevented me from smiling properly. After 3 weeks with Margarita, not only can I use my arm, but my smile is back to normal⁠


"Margarita saved my life"

I have been using Margaritas expertise for around a year now. 

Feeling flat, and having gone through a divorce, I felt like I need a fresh appearance. 

Margarita updated my Style and colour  for both corporate and casual attire.

I had become very unhappy within myself and my job.  I was not satisfied and hence my body started to break down.  I was taking on cortisone injections into my shoulders to relieve the stress and excruciating pain. I was unable to sleep, and really felt like I had hit rock bottom.  The doctors sent me to specialist who could find nothing wrong. 

After my consultation with Margarita she felt that perhaps my nervous system was crashing and coached me on Autogenics.  She also suggested a number of other natural aids, and within two weeks of starting the Autogenic & mindfulness training,  I have no pain at all in my shoulders.  I feel more at peace now than ever before  and I am now able to laugh again.  I am so thankful Margarita come into my life, I feel she really has saved my life.


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No more anxiety

I have just completed an autogenics course through Margarita.  I first went to her as I felt I needed some tools to be able to resist from reacting, both in my private life, and also at work, on the road.

I had had a sample of Autogenics when I lived in Germany, and while I did not complete it, knew this was the right avenue for me.

After 2 weeks I felt a change, more positive, more focused at work.  Now,  nothing stresses me out anymore.  No more traffic rage, sleeping better, I just do not react to things I would have reacted to in the past.  I have a new gratitude for life and people, I see things differently, and am able to assess situations better.  I am calm, I breathe properly, and my partner now wonders where her man is that used to react to things.

She has seen a complete shift in me, for the better.  She has noticed how relaxed my body and mind have become.

We can not recommend Margarita and her skills highly enough. 


“I had the most incredible ah ha moments through this course. This course offered so much interaction and training that I felt like I had turned the corner after the lessons. There was so much involved it was like working one on one with what was supplied. This is a must if you have anxiety are suffering panic attacks and want to move forward with your life.”