Are you exhibiting signs of trauma and defence mechanisms like loss of interest, anxiety, depression, worthlessness, numbness, sleeping and eating difficulty, irritability, lack of joy, self-harm and PTSD symptoms such as memory loss, and need for solitude?

I can help you overcome this and live a meaningful life full of love and self-worth.  Unlike myself, taking 12 years to overcome this, this will be a very quick transition for you.

Heal from the Narcissism in Your Life.

Recover Reboot Refuel is a recovery program for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors and their loved ones. It’s been created with love by people who have walked this journey themselves and want to help you find the freedom from your past, present, and future narcissistic abuser.



Trauma Informed Coaching
can move YOU out from suffering anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD to living the life you want



Say goodbye to Panic attacks and anxiety

I want unlock more freedom

Are you controlling your thoughts ? Or are your thoughts controlling you?

So here is the thing, there is no control. We can’t control what the weather will be like today, we can’t control if there will be a traffic jam on the way to work tomorrow. The only thing we can control is our thoughts. “your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings control your actions, your actions control your events. ⁠
There is no control. If you believe your life will be happy once you get control, guess what! you will never be happy. Your life will, however, be happy once you learn to control your thoughts.

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Heal yourself and stop attracting narcissists.

In understanding why you attracted a narcissist, you can heal and stop attracting them. Our Narcissistic Healing Program is the ultimate program to healing from narcissistic abuse, so that you can be happy and healthy again.

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work with me

A long time ago, I started what I thought was the perfect relationship. I felt like I was at the centre of everything I’d ever wanted – love, attention, devotion, and overwhelming happiness. I believed my life was perfection.

Over time, things changed dramatically. It started with long periods of silence as punishment. Then I couldn’t do anything right, everything I did was wrong. Then the gaslighting began: I was crazy, I wasn’t achieving anything, I was worthless. The harder I tried the worse I failed, and with every “failure” my self-worth and esteem would sink lower until I found myself trapped in a cycle of self-talk that was constantly reinforcing my lack of value….continued 

"client stories"

“My name is Tim. I am 47 years old, in September 2014 I suffered a major Stroke that affected my left side to the point of the speech, walking, left arm weakness, A lot of my progress I know was positivity but got me to a point where I seemed to stop improving but didn’t go backwards….


Stop Anxiety Online MASTERCLASS

Most people will concentrate on trying to change the behaviour (the symptoms of anxiety) but that is the wrong way round. Anxiety happens because of a belief and we need to change that belief.  (Marisa Peer)

RTT® gets to the root cause of the anxiety and addresses the core belief system. 

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Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Margarita

I am a Brain Spotter, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT®) and Certified Hypnotherapist (C.HYP.) and hold a diploma in Autogenic Therapy®, Style Coaching™ and  Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach®

I work with people from all walks of life to overcome old habits and conditioning that are holding them back from living the life they truly want.

I work via zoom or in person so my clients can be anywhere in the world and still receive the amazing benefits of RTT®. This gives my clients the choice & freedom to experience world-class therapy in the comfort of their own homes.  

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margarita politis

work with me

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel trapped  and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • You’re feeling numb. Every day you attempt to figure out what occurred, it simply feels like you are making 10 strides in reverse
  • You feel disgrace and culpability about your ongoing circumstance
  • You wake up feeling restless, your mind racing. You are feeling anxious and react to things at the drop of a hat. You simply have no  desire to get up and cry often
  • You feel isolated, wondering who you can trust
  • You feel a profound feeling of being deserted, abandoned  and a fanatical requirement for endorsement.
  • You can’t help thinking about why you can’t mend and move on.
  • You can’t help thinking about how you are truly going to break this cycle and figure out how to trust yourself once more.
  • You say to yourself in the  mirror that you don’t feel adequate, you feel unloveable, that love isn’t available to you

I have been there and I can help you heal

margarita politis